Sport in the company - a unifying element for a strong team

Sport im Unternehmen - ein verbindendes Element für ein starkes Team

Sport is known to stand for team spirit and cohesion. In team sports, such as football or rowing, you work together tactically and can count on shared strength. In high-risk sports like climbing, you literally put your life in the hands of another person. Even activities that you could practice alone, such as running or yoga, offer a much more enjoyable experience in a group. The qualities that are important here, such as cooperation and trust, are also needed in the professional environment. In this blog article we will show you how sport in the company creates a stronger team and give you tips for integrating exercise into everyday work.

How sport strengthens team spirit in the company

Every person who has won a game or achieved a sporting goal in a group knows the feeling of happiness that comes from it. There are many different components that can also be used for team building in the company.

Sport promotes cooperation

The larger the team in a company, the less people know each other. A joint sporting competition helps to uncover possibly unimagined abilities of work colleagues and helps to have an informal exchange about what has been experienced. Who would have thought that the always strict finance manager not only controls all budgets, but is also an ace in the goal and holds all the balls? It is precisely these newly learned skills that can help in everyday work to reallocate responsibilities or increase willingness to help. If you have worked together successfully in a relaxed, sporting environment, you are more likely to trust that this cooperation will also work on the next project.

Sport brings recognition

Success is relative - but what is certain is that in sport, like nowhere else, you receive direct recognition for your achievements. A circumstance that immediately has a positive effect on self-esteem and team spirit. Such as compliments from superiors with whom you would otherwise hardly exchange a word because of shyness. The positive feeling achieved is not only associated with personal performance, but also with the work environment. If you have already received recognition for a sporting achievement, this could also happen when you introduce the next idea.

Sport makes you happy

Motivation comes from both social recognition and the increased feeling of happiness that comes from exercising regularly. If you are physically active for a longer period of time, your body releases dopamine, serotonin and endorphins – commonly known as happiness hormones. Wouldn't it be wonderful to start the working day with an increased feeling of happiness? In this way, minor hurdles or annoyances can be overcome more easily.

Sport keeps you healthy

Sporting activity is healthy in many ways: through repeated exercise, the muscles are trained, the cardiovascular system is strengthened and the immune system also benefits from it. This also means a potential reduction in sick leave, which is positive for employers and employees alike.

Tips for integrating exercise into everyday work

As it turns out, there are many reasons to promote the practice of sport in the company. At the same time, it is not always easy to motivate employees to do physical exercise during their working hours (or free time). We have therefore put together a few ideas that can reduce the hurdles and increase motivation for joint company sports.

Take advantage of sporting events

Running events that you can take part in as a company team take place almost all year round. Some events, such as the Vienna Business Run, are even aimed directly at companies and take place outside of working hours. Everything is already organized here and as an employer you only have to pay the necessary entry fee. Training together before the event helps to strengthen the bond between the participants. The gift bags or team shirts often used here can also increase motivation. If you want to try something more unusual, you can take part in a business triathlon or ski race, for example.

Make offers and provide mediation

Another option is to independently provide your own offers. For example, a yoga teacher can be booked to conduct a session in the office with everyone interested before starting work. A bulletin board can bring sports enthusiasts together, perhaps creating an after-work running group or finding new training partners. Existing infrastructure that promotes sport and exercise in the company is of course an advantage. Can shower rooms be installed or renovated? Are there changing rooms and lockers for clothing and sports equipment? Such a corporate culture can perhaps motivate some people to leave their car in the garage and ride their bike to the office.

Sporting team events

While the offers mentioned are optionally available to all employees, official team events often have a more binding effect - and also appeal to those who don't like sports. However, it is even more important to design the events in such a way that the chosen challenge is attractive for all participants and can also be mastered. Low-threshold options, such as a wine hike, a bike trip or a thermal spa day, are available. A survey can be used to find out in advance which sports are currently popular or which new trends, from bubble soccer to Quidditch tournaments, employees would like to try out.

Regardless of which option you choose to integrate sports into your company, your team will definitely thank you. However, anyone who moves a lot should always attach importance to sufficient, balanced and vital nutrient intake. If you would like to know what you should pay particular attention to and how our healthy organic puroras will revitalize you and your team after exercise in the office, contact us here .

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