Shipping is carried out by our shipping service provider Post AG in the countries listed below. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at .

Shipping destination service provider Cost Free shipping
Austria Post AG € 5,99 from € 60,00 order value
Germany Post AG €9.99 a b € 100.00 order value
Italy Post AG €13.99 a b € 150.00 order value
European Union* Post AG upon request upon request

*Croatia, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Belgium, Denmark, Netherlands, France, Sweden, Finland, Luxembourg, Romania, Portugal, Spain, Bulgaria, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania

Please note

Our FRESH smoothies and soups, included in our day cures and the FRESH package , are delivered to your home via chilled express delivery (only within Austria). Therefore, keep an eye on the shipment tracking and if you are not at home when the delivery is made, it is best to pick up your package from the collection point on the same day. Put your smoothies and soups in the fridge straight away so that the cold chain is not interrupted.

In addition, our FRESH line is only produced on Tuesdays in order to be able to offer you fresh ingredients of the highest possible quality. Therefore, the delivery time can take more than 3 working days if your order is not placed by Monday (4 p.m.).

Refrigerated storage: 4 - 6°C
Best before: 15 days from production

Our shipping service provider Post AG takes over the packages the day after production and delivers them throughout Austria within 24 hours. Delivery to Germany takes 2-3 working days after the packages have been taken over.

The empty containers and packaging material are ideal for upcycling. Please recycle materials that are no longer needed.

Purora glasses: The glasses are perfect for many uses in the home, office and garden - whether as a drinking glass, pencil holder, storage jar or vase. If the glasses are not needed, they can be sent back to us. You can simply request a return label from us.

Cardboard/Paper: Cardboard container/Waste paper

Hemp mats: organic waste

Ice pack: keep it for your next summer trip