Do you believe in natural wonders? Here you can experience them!

In our modern, hectic world, it is often all about fast, time-saving food intake. Unfortunately, “satisfying hunger” has little to do with good nutrition. With Purora you can now feed yourself quickly and easily, and yet with high quality, recharge your batteries and increase your well-being. Natural, untreated foods, which fully develop all the important vital substances in our smoothies and soups, strengthen body and mind. The so-called superfoods play a decisive role in this. They live up to their name. Because they contain everything that a healthy organism needs every day: valuable trace elements, minerals, vitamins, unsaturated fatty acids and secondary plant substances. Whether it's goji berries, moringe seeds, acerola cherries, ginseng and medicinal mushrooms, as well as blueberries, linseed, almonds and hemp seeds - our purely vegan puroras contain organic superfoods from all over the world in the highest concentration and in a special combination. That's why they work real miracles - natural wonders. And not only that: they taste delicious too!

No preservatives, no added sugar. Pure nature only. And magical powers.

In Purora, old knowledge is combined with innovative ideas. Long before our time, people knew how to make fresh food last longer in a natural way. Various storage techniques and the theory of vessel shapes are examples of this. We have researched these ancient secrets in depth, rediscovered them and made use of them. We have also developed our own herbal essences that ensure the optimal shelf life of Purora smoothies and soups, without any chemical or thermal methods. The result is excellent products that guarantee a full and genuine natural spectacle for the palate.

A look back to the front. The Story of Purorah.

I grew up on an organic farm where nutritious foods were a given. It was only later, and especially during a longer stay in England that was full of food deprivation, that I realized what a privilege I had enjoyed here. Back home, I began to deal with the quality of food and to experiment with it with passion. In doing so, I rely on very special, unusual ingredients and special mixtures in order to develop foods that are particularly nourishing and full of vital substances. So I finally ended up with homemade smoothies, which ideally met my needs - but at the same time went far beyond what normal smoothies are. In everyday work, however, I then noticed how much time is spent on shopping, washing, peeling, cutting, putting away, cleaning and storing. But I also noticed that there was no healthy and enjoyable alternative on the market.

This motivated and inspired me to my vision:

It had to be possible to produce fresh organic smoothies with a naturally longer shelf life and to do without conventional methods such as freezing, pasteurization, sterilization or the use of chemical additives. And it had to be possible to bring foods onto the market that, thanks to their fresh naturalness and wealth of vital substances, have a stronger and more comprehensive effect than anything that has come before. After 4 years of research and development, I have realized this vision and given it a name: PURORA. CHANGE FOR THE BETTER. The result is currently 13 smoothies and soups, as well as the specially developed ThermóTwist, a high-performance mixer for perfect preparation. An essence of 26 herbs ensures a long shelf life - and increases the health-promoting effect.

Discover the natural power of change now! Purora tastes good, strengthens and works!

It offers you the opportunity to eat healthy and fresh meals - organic, nourishing, rich in vital substances and vegan. In order to optimize the effect, we combine the fresh, untreated fruit and vegetables with revitalizing superfoods and living spring water, which is refined into our Purora herbal water. Over 40 ingredients are in a single glass.

The result can be described briefly and simply: Fast Good instead of Fast Food.

In the meantime we have expanded our range: Inspired by ancient Asian wisdom and the teaching of the 5 elements of Chinese medicine as well as modern European herbalism, we developed very special herbal elixirs, the Purora herbal drops - handmade in Austria from 100% premium organic plants. The special mixture of seeds, roots, leaves, bark and berries ensures maximum concentration, relaxation, harmony or more desire for love - depending on what you feel like. You simply drop the elixirs into the water and enjoy them cold, warm or hot. You will be amazed at how much effect there is in such a small bottle!

Welcome to the flow of nature! I look forward to welcoming you to the world of Purora and I cordially invite you: Change for the better! Change for you.

Heinz Pottinger