glasses return

10% discount on your next order!

Benefit sustainably. You have no use for the used Purora glasses? Then please don't throw them away, but send them back to us free of charge. This way you are making an active contribution to environmental protection and we can reuse the high-quality glasses. This saves resources, is convenient and definitely pays off - for nature as well as for you.

As a thank you for your initiative, you will receive an environmental discount of -10% on your next order. 💜

How it works:


Collect glasses (16 pieces or more), remove labels and wash thoroughly.


Pack glasses in their original packaging if possible. Secure them securely with adhesive tape.


You can request a return label using the form on our contact page.


Drop off the package at the Austrian Post Office or give it directly to the postman.


For every 16 glasses you return, you will receive a 10% environmental discount on your next order.


You are also welcome to send the ice packs back to us. Simply add them to the box or send your own box with at least 5 ice packs. There is also a 10% discount for this. And we can continue to use them!