A healthy lunch offer strengthens your employee loyalty

So stärkt ein gesundes Lunch-Angebot Deine Mitarbeiterbindung

What did you have for lunch today? A quick sandwich in front of the computer? A bland menu in the canteen? Or did you skip the meal altogether because there wasn't time between meetings and deadlines? Lunch in the office is a sensitive issue for many employees because the decision often has to be made between low-nutrient fast food meals and the additional time required to cook or pre-cook.

That's exactly why a healthy lunch offer in the company is an excellent opportunity to offer the team a delicious and healthy benefit that not only strengthens employee loyalty, but also provides a large portion of other benefits.

Employee retention in times of skilled labor shortages

Anyone who is an employee today has different demands on everyday working life than was the case before. This is particularly true for the younger generations, who value a healthy work-life balance above all else, but who also identify strongly with their job. Companies that want to make their employees happy - and thereby retain them - are therefore well advised not to be too stingy with the benefits in order to show how much each individual team member is valued.

Sad but true: Only one in ten employees in Austria feels an emotional connection to their employer, as a Gallup study found in 2023 . And because, as we all know, the way to the heart is through the stomach, let's now take a closer look at how a healthy team lunch can contribute to better employee retention and what other benefits ensure that the investment pays off across the board.

Lunch offer for employees – more than just good taste

“Sad lunch” is the term on social media for a joyless and often not very healthy lunch in front of the screen. The name says it all: we don't like eating alone. Sitting down at the table together on a regular basis not only strengthens the sense of togetherness in the team, but also the employee's bond with the company. Because who says no to a free, healthy lunch? At lunch there is finally time and space to get to know new team members better, deepen contact with colleagues from other departments and chat with superiors in a relaxed atmosphere.

But the positive effect on employer branding isn’t everything. How we eat lunch has an impact on our mental well-being, because social contacts have been proven to make us happier. But what we eat is also known to play an important role in how we feel, how productive we are and how well we deal with stress and other challenges.

While ready meals usually contain a lot of salt, sugar and saturated fats and are heavily processed industrially, warmed up food from the day before only provides you with some of the original nutrients. What the body needs are natural and fresh ingredients that provide it with all the macro and micronutrients it needs to stay healthy and productive in everyday life - and especially at work. Because stress resistance, creativity, motivation and energy levels are all directly linked to nutrition.

The quality of the food is also a big factor. Organically grown fruits and vegetables are not only better for the body and health, but also contain fewer harmful nitrates and pesticides, making them better tolerated by many allergy sufferers and putting significantly less strain on the environment.

In short: A balanced organic lunch in the office ensures more productivity, resilience and inventiveness among employees - and also improves team dynamics and loyalty to the company. A culinary all-rounder, so to speak.

Ideas for an uncomplicated team lunch

A healthy and tasty lunch doesn't have to be elaborate. Dishes like our soups, porridge and smoothie bowls are rich in nutrients, nutritious and prepared very quickly. Purora's range offers you a large selection with something for every taste. Perfectly portioned and preserved with a natural essence made from 26 herbs (ultra fresh line in our treatment packages ), the Puroras are the ideal lunch option for the office. Our ThermóTwist ensures gentle crushing and heating directly in the glass so that the valuable nutrients are preserved and effort is reduced to a minimum. This means that preparation works even in the smallest office kitchen.

Conclusion: The meal makes the difference

One thing is now clear: the team lunch is an indispensable factor for outstanding satisfaction and thus employee loyalty to your company. In addition to the social aspect of eating together, a healthy lunch provides a real boost of motivation and increased productivity in your team. High-quality macronutrients provide the body with important energy and the contained micronutrients such as zinc, magnesium, iron and numerous vitamins contribute to mental performance.

Nevertheless, food preparation can and should of course be done quickly so that lunch doesn't disrupt your schedule. This works particularly well with soups rich in vital substances and refreshing smoothie bowls, which can be mixed in no time and - refined with individual toppings - offer a balanced and delicious meal.

Sounds fantastic? If you would like to start delighting your team with a healthy, organic lunch offer now, then send us a request for a Purora subscription of your choice and get our individual advice for companies.

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