8 ways to be more sustainable in everyday work

8 Wege zu mehr Nachhaltigkeit im Arbeitsalltag

Environmental protection is not only important within your own four walls. Each of us can also take measures in the office to make everyday work more sustainable. If the instructions come from the executive floor, it is often a greater motivator, but a lot can also be achieved through employees' own initiative.

We have summarized a few ideas for more sustainability in the office for you here.

Environmentally friendly steps towards a sustainable everyday working life

Sustainability starts with the smallest steps. Taking a moment to consider whether the Google search query is really necessary or simply picking up the phone instead of a complex email conversation are already active measures for climate protection. Why? An average email is estimated to cause between 0.3 and 0.7 grams of CO2 - if attachments are included, this value usually increases significantly. A Google search, on the other hand, comes up with around 0.3 watt hours of electricity; With a global search volume of 8.5 billion per day, it quickly becomes clear how gigantic the electricity consumption is here.

However, there are a number of other measures in everyday working life that can conserve resources, avoid waste and save energy.

1. Healthy organic lunch instead of fast food

The way to sustainability is often through the stomach. A nutritious lunch strengthens the nerves and the body much better than a quick snack from the supermarket or snack stand. At Purora, we also guarantee that the production of our meals is environmentally friendly and sustainable - we only use certified organic ingredients of the best quality. And when it comes to zero-waste, your office is also at the forefront with our products: the meal is prepared directly in the glasses delivered and you can enjoy it out of them too. A tasty, sustainable lunch without any plastic waste, vegetable peels or dirty pots!

2. Bike and public transport instead of car

How far is the way to work? For many employees, the route is easily manageable by public transport, bicycle or a combination of the two. If the company actively supports this through an active request, as well as a bike bonus or the reimbursement of public transport tickets, those who previously found excuses may also be able to make the switch. Of course, it is essential that those in leadership positions lead by example.

3. Waste separation

It only takes a few simple steps, but it has an enormous effect: Correct waste separation can be required of employees as well as the management team in everyday working life. Appropriate training during the onboarding process of new colleagues as well as signage on the garbage cans ensure that glass, metal, paper, plastic, organic and residual waste are sorted and can therefore be easily recycled.

4. Print and copy less

A classic in companies' sustainability concepts - and yet unnecessary copies are still made or pages of presentations are printed out for individual meetings. Unfortunately, using recycled paper is just a drop in the ocean because electricity and ink or toner are still used. In addition to attentiveness on the part of individual employees, clear instructions from management are particularly required so that unnecessary printouts are avoided as far as possible.

5. Save electricity in the office

Devices in standby mode also consume energy. You can imagine the enormous amount of unnecessary consumption, even in smaller offices, if the PC and printer are not switched off properly at the end of the working day and especially before the weekend. When it comes to lighting, important steps can also be taken towards a more sustainable everyday working life through the use of LED lamps and motion detectors. Air conditioning or heating systems can be optimally adjusted and operated more energy-efficiently using smart cooling & heating.

6. Critically question business trips

Reducing business trips has particularly great potential for greater sustainability in everyday working life. Because anyone who flies by plane or drives long distances by car causes significantly more CO2 than a normal day in the office ever could. There are plenty of climate-friendly alternatives: via Zoom, Skype or Teams, all topics can be discussed face to face without having to jet around the globe. And if you really have to travel, you will find an excellent range of train connections, at least within Europe, that will allow you to reach your destination comfortably and more sustainably.

7. Sustainable equipment

How environmentally friendly is the office? If you look closely, you will find a wealth of opportunities in the work environment to replace electronic devices and other items with more sustainable alternatives. Does the coffee machine run on energy and waste-intensive disposable capsules? Do the cleaning products contain chemicals that are harmful to the environment? Do printers, scanners etc. work efficiently? Office supplies such as paper, pens and foil are also available in recycled and therefore more sustainable versions.

8. Personal initiative and role model function

Be the change you want to see in the world - that's what the saying goes, and that applies to everyday work as well as every other aspect of your life. Acting sustainably is not difficult: If you still see room for improvement in climate protection in your office, dare to be the first to ride your bike to work and turn off the printer at the end of the day. Talk to your colleagues and superiors about it. Having strong role models makes it easier to take action yourself.

Conclusion: Small steps with a lasting effect

Climate protection and sustainability are the biggest global challenges of our time and therefore concern us all. It's good that something can be achieved even with small steps - especially when the entire team pulls together. A sustainable everyday working life begins with using heating, air conditioning, electricity and printers sparingly, cycling or taking public transport to the office or enjoying a healthy, predominantly plant-based organic meal together at lunch. Which of these steps are you already implementing?

If you would like to start making lunch in the office more sustainable right now by avoiding waste and enjoying healthy, organic dishes without much effort, take a look at our product page and send us an inquiry for your individual company offer .

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