The way to love (self) is through your stomach: Our tips for conscious eating

(Selbst-)Liebe geht durch den Magen: Unsere Tipps für bewusste Ernährung

You come across #selflove again and again on social media. It's about believing in yourself, putting your own well-being above that of others and showing appreciation for yourself. But what does self-love actually mean? Just kind words and thoughts? In today's article we will show you how self-love is linked to healthy eating and give you tips on how you can achieve greater well-being in your own body through conscious nutrition.

The connection between unhealthy eating behavior and self-love

How and what did you have breakfast/eat today? For some people, breakfast (or lunch) happens while walking, somewhere in between, or falls by the wayside due to a busy schedule. This is not healthy, not even for our self-confidence. If you then have a guilty conscience that internally reprimands you for eating unhealthy foods, this clearly works against any form of self-love. Because whenever you don't take time when your body is hungry, or if you just satisfy it quickly, you're signaling to yourself that you're not as important as other activities. 

Conscious nutrition through mindfulness

Mindfulness is an art and stopping in stressful situations and listening to the body's needs requires good self-awareness and a lot of self-love. Mindfulness, conscious nutrition and self-love go hand in hand. With more appreciation for one's own body, the need arises to give it the food and time that it actually needs for its well-being and performance. And at the same time, with more conscious eating comes a certain level of attention to one's own needs. But where should you start?

Practical tips for more self-love through nutrition 

Especially when the cause of unhealthy eating behavior lies in a stressful everyday life, it is difficult to break habits and give yourself time for something that doesn't seem to be that important. However, if you want to make your diet, your well-being and your health a priority, you should give yourself enough time to do so. With our tips you might find it easier to get started. 

Keep a food diary 

Keeping a diary describing each meal may sound tedious. The method provides you with endless insights into your unconscious eating habits and helps you become more mindful of your own body's needs. Just try it out for a day and find a method of writing down your food that suits you. Don't try to immediately evaluate your eating habits, but rather just take stock of the current status. You can answer the following questions: 

  • When do I eat what, how and how much? 
  • How did I feel straight away? How before/after? 
  • How did my body react to it? 

Consciously do not pay attention to recommendations from others. This is just about finding out what needs YOUR body has. From this you can determine after a while which foods give you a lot of energy and strength, which you don't tolerate very well and which you should avoid because it lowers your mood and well-being every time.

Plan for a day

Meal prep and multi-week meal planning always look easy on the internet. In real life, however, something often comes up and it's better to forego all the effort. But when the fridge is empty, it's tempting to reach for unhealthy alternatives. Instead of planning ahead for a whole week, just look at the next day. Then you can respond to your body's needs straight away and take your schedule into account. Did you do a lot of exercise today or have an appointment tomorrow that is already making you nervous? Then take this into account when choosing your meals and give your body what it really needs at the moment.

If you, as a parent, are also responsible for the well-being of others: Make sure you don't just cook your children's favorite food - but also put your needs first. Maybe they like it as much as you do? 

The eye eats with you: prepare your food consciously

Time is a key factor in self-love. To enjoy food consciously, you should give yourself time. Time to cook, time to enjoy without distractions and, best of all, time to beautifully serve the food. Even if you're just preparing food for yourself, taking the time to make it a little more elaborate is an act of appreciation. A leaf of basil on the pasta, a few splashes of balsamic vinegar on the edge of the plate, an edible flower from the garden and you feel like you're in a gourmet restaurant. Our Puroras will also give you more joy and enjoyment if you serve them in a beautiful bowl and decorate them with toppings . The joy that the sight of your meal brings you contributes to increased well-being and more conscious enjoyment. Maybe you would like to go one step further? Get the special service out of the cupboard, light a candle, put a napkin and table decorations on the table - even if the whole effort is just for you. You're worth it!

Self-love instead of strict discipline 

Everyone knows the voice of their own thoughts that forbids you from buying the chocolate bar in the supermarket or starts making threats when you try to get a second helping. “If you eat just one more portion, you'll never reach your desired weight! “But it is precisely this inner voice, with all its strict rules and regulations, that harms true self-love. Now, in the gray season, is the right time to choose somewhat kinder words. Instead of strict prohibitions, soothing compliments and moments of loving mindfulness help. Stop for a moment and ask yourself why exactly you need this bar of chocolate or the second portion. Are you actually still hungry? Then grab it consciously and enjoy it. Maybe you just need a little more energy after a long and tiring day? Then be proud of yourself and your performance and treat yourself to some relaxation and rest instead of more food.

With all of these tips, the following applies in the spirit of self-love: Don't be too hard on yourself and treat your body with the same appreciation that you would treat your loved ones with. Doesn't it work straight away to write a consistent food diary even though your diet is such a high priority for you? Ok, then just write down one meal a day - this will also help you get to know your body. Have you already found the time to cook for yourself but haven't prepared the food properly yet? Then just enjoy this freshly cooked meal! Every small, conscious step you take supports you on your way to more self-love and takes you one step further towards leading a more mindful and satisfied life. 

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