Committed to employee health: Support and awards for companies

Engagiert für die Mitarbeitergesundheit: Unterstützungen und Auszeichnungen für Unternehmen

In a previous blog post, we took a closer look at the importance of company health and presented various options for company health promotion. In this article we take a closer look at what support and funding you as an employer can take advantage of for measures to increase employee health and what awards your company can win for exemplary implementation.

What is workplace health promotion?

Basically, company health promotion (WGF) describes a company’s commitment to the health of its employees. The goal is to prevent psychological stress, illnesses or injuries at work and to optimize the team's well-being in the long term and sustainably. The term WHP usually refers to a strategic approach that begins with a thorough analysis of the current situation and on the basis of which a plan for the implementation of improvement measures is developed and then implemented. After a set period of time, the results are evaluated and the measures are adjusted if necessary.

The benefits of employee health

For your team, activities in the area of ​​health promotion are a special bonus that can make working life much easier. Depending on the specific measures, this happens due to the following factors, among others:

  • Reduced work-related health problems and risk factors
  • Better handling of stress and psychological stress
  • Higher self-esteem through the feeling of appreciation
  • More satisfaction and better work ethic

For you and your company, the advantages are at least as far-reaching, for example through:

  • Higher motivation and better performance
  • Fewer absences due to illness
  • Improve employee retention and reduce turnover as well
  • a better company image and thus competitiveness as an employer

The advantages are obviously numerous, which is why an additional investment in the well-being of your employees is also recommended. The best thing: You don't have to handle this effort alone, because there are numerous support and funding options.

Contact points for funding

Health needs to be promoted – especially in the workplace. Anyone looking for support will quickly find it. In Austria there are both federal state-specific funding offers and nationwide contact points, for example:

There are also a number of funding offers for companies at the EU level with the European Network for Workplace Health Promotion (ENWHP) and the eHealth HUB Project. The WKO health industry platform offers a clear list of all contact points for support.

Awards and seals of quality for company health promotion

A seal of quality makes it immediately visible to applicants and customers that you, as an employer, are committed to the health of your team and have demonstrably taken measures to promote company health.

One of the best-known institutions that grants this is, for example, the Austrian Network for Workplace Health Promotion (BGF), which offers companies three levels of quality assurance:

  1. WHP Charter: Signing a declaration of intent to comply with the principles of WHF and plan an employee health project.
  2. BGF quality seal: Award for a successfully completed BGF project.
  3. BGF Prize: Award for outstanding projects. This is awarded every three years to BGF quality seal companies.

In addition to these renowned awards, there are also many other ways to effectively communicate your commitment to employee health to the public. For example, AUVA also offers a seal of quality for special commitment to safety and health at work, as doesrt-proved or the WKO Styria with the annual health award “ fit im job” .

Conclusion: With advice and support for employee health

The success of your company depends on the health of your employees, which is why investing in company health promotion is so right and important. And since the funding network in Austria, but also at the EU level, is very close-knit, you can secure organizational and financial support in many places. Awards that are presented for commitment to employee health are also excellent showcases for setting you apart from the competition as an employer and proving to future applicants that health benefits in your company are more than just empty promises.

Are you already committed to the better mental and physical health of your team? A first lever that can be set in motion quickly and easily is a healthy lunch. Take a look through our fresh offers for companies and send us a request so that we can offer your employees a delicious and nutritious organic lunch in the future.

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