Purora - the highest energy for your best form.

Enjoyment at any time of the day

Whether breakfast, brunch, lunch, snack, dinner, midnight snack or hang-over food. At Purora you will find the best addition to your diet at any time of the day. Each of our Puroras contains a special recipe of over 40 high-quality ingredients - pure variety of tastes, perfectly tailored to your needs and your optimal energy. Our Puroras reflect the fantastic world of nature with all its flavor nuances. From sweet to spicy and from exotic to creamy, our smoothies and soups have something for every taste. Purora: more than smoothies and soups.

elemental energy

With Purora you have the chance to keep your highest energy level throughout the day. The energy of pure water combined with a blend of 26 roots, bark, leaves, seeds and fruits. We recovered this treasure trove of secondary plant active ingredients and developed a unique plant extract. The herbal water supports the durability of the Puroras and improves your well-being - the secret of the natural power of plants - for you and your best form.

The best ingredients

Purora only uses the best ingredients and the best water for its recipes. From fruit and vegetables to super plants, we attach great importance to organic and sustainable cultivation of our premium ingredients. Our exclusive herbal water forms the basis for natural durability. Our smoothies and soups are freshly made weekly, with no preservatives and no thermal or chemical preservation formula. Incomparable enjoyment in a glass, prepared in just a few minutes with our lifestyle kitchen tool ThermóTwist.