5-day cure | Relax & Enjoy | Summer

5-day cure | Relax & Enjoy | Summer
5-day cure | Relax & Enjoy | Summer

5-day cure | Relax & Enjoy | Summer

  • 100% ORGANIC + vitamin guarantee
  • Premium ingredients & superfoods
  • Made in Austria
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Would you like more well-being?

Cure does not mean doing without – it means enjoying! In just 5 days you can now increase your well-being, cleanse the digestive system and increase your vitality . The Purora “ Relax & Enjoy treatment with 12 delicious smoothies, soups and porridge mixtures in combination with the Purora Cleanse herbal elixir and a healthy diet can have very positive effects on the organism. Our smoothies and soups from the FRESH line contain over 40 organically fresh ingredients as well as superfoods and are 100% made in Austria. Purora tastes delicious and has a unique effect! 

 Change for the better:

  • reduction in body weight
  • Relief and cleansing of the body
  • Strengthening and revitalization of the organism
  • improvement in sleep quality
  • Harmonization of bodily functions
  • Strengthening of the mind and willpower

Please note the following tips during the treatment:

Drink daily at least 3 liters, preferably warm water, unsweetened herbal teas , ginger tea, Purora herbal elixirs , green tea (in the morning).

If losing weight is not your main goal, you can snack on the following in small portions: steamed or fermented vegetables, fruit, sprouts, oatmeal, spelt, millet and seeds. Important: eat slowly and chew thoroughly.

Avoid stress, do not overexert yourself during sports and avoid long sauna sessions.

5 - 20 min workout in the morning provide more energy. You should work up a sweat for a moment, 5 minutes can be enough for that.

IMPORTANT: If you sometimes feel listless and lacking in energy - this is completely normal and will pass.

Avoiding coffee can lead to headaches in the first three days. Our tip: 3 ml Focus Elixir from Purora instead of coffee has a soothing effect.

You can continue to take the Cleanse Elixir with 250ml - 500ml of warm water every morning after your 5-day treatment until it is empty.


1x 50ml Cleanse herbal elixir

Day 1: Breakfast: Porridge | Strawberry, coconut, acerola
Lunch: Soup | Paprika, Cucumber, Hericium
Evening: Smoothie | Mango, Blueberry, Cocoa

Day 2: Morning: Smoothie | Pear, Mango, Matcha
Afternoon: Smoothie | Mango, Blueberry, Cocoa

Day 3: Morning: Porridge | Blueberry, Apple, Guarana
Afternoon: Soup | Red Lentil, Lemongrass, Maca

Day 4: Morning: Smoothie | Blueberry, Ginseng, Nut
Afternoon: Soup | Paprika, Cucumber, Hericium

Day 5: Breakfast: Porridge | Cherry, Cashew, Lucuma
Lunch: Smoothie | Raspberry, Maca, Acerola
Evening: Smoothie | Mango, lime, baobab

Important instructions:

  • Refrigerated storage: 4 - 6°C
  • Best before: 17 days from production

Please note that we will deliver your package chilled! Therefore, keep an eye on the shipment tracking and if you are not at home when the delivery is made, it is best to pick up your package on the same day at the collection point. Put your Puroras in the fridge right away so that the cold chain is not interrupted.


You hear real miracles about that.

Die Purora Expert*innen.

Mag. Susanne Dirisamer

The interest in a healthy and
balanced nutrition has never been as big as it is today. At the same time
made more difficult by increased pressure to perform, multiple workloads and lack of time
the implementation in everyday life.

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dr Roman Szeliga
Specialist in internal medicine

Humor is the charming flavor carrier of messages, emotional vitamin bomb and the over-the-counter frustration reliever full of positive side effects.

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dr Suzanne Steindl
general practitioner

In my practice as a general practitioner, I see more and more people wanting to support their health in the best possible way so that they don't get sick in the first place.

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Mag. Bernhard Zak
TCM - Nutritionist

For me, Purora combines the best of many areas. biological
plant-based foods, very special superfoods and medicinal plants –
everything tastes great and is easy to use.

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Bernard Gruber
2010 Olympic champion and 2015 individual world champion

As a former Nordic combined athlete, I know what it means to perform optimally every day. Pushing your limits in training, sometimes going beyond your limits,

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Mag.phil. Doris Kemptner
Yoga teacher, model, nutritional expert in general and according to TCM

I have been working as a model for many years and a healthy diet combined with aesthetic model masses is very important to me. Purora offers delicious soups/smoothies that deliver a light and healthy meal in an efficient and time-saving way.

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