BLOG 1 (Headline/Slogen/ZG speech)

Within 3 minutes to the finished meal

without cooking

Make an Impact

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BLOG2 (what is it/what is it about)

Purora is a high quality nutrition program

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Blog 3: 5 usp's + trust elements

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Purora gives you 1.5 hours of lifetime every day

Everyone thinks about food more than 200 times a day. On average, we spend 39 minutes a day in supermarkets and 46 minutes for cooking. – A Purora subscription gives you 1.5 hours of lifetime every day

Enough of the daily monotony?

Purora - micro-shredding, raw food mixing stages, heat technology, an infinite variety of recipes and 100% vitamin guarantee.

You think "healthy" food can't taste good?

The Purora chefs will prove you wrong.

Cravings that hit your hip?

Purora Smoothies - The perfect alternative to the candy store

Blog 4 How it works

How does it work/objection handling/possibly as an explanatory video?

Within 3 minutes to the finished meal - WITHOUT cooking!

With the specially developed Purora ThermóTwist, you can prepare the Purora organic smoothies and soups made in Austria warm or cold within 3
mix minutes.

Blog 5 CTA

3 different starter packages to choose from, the middle bestseller with head liner