Not only we are enthusiastic about the Puroras. Experts from many fields of knowledge are also convinced of our nutritional concept.

The interest in a healthy and balanced diet has never been greater than it is today. At the same time, increased pressure to perform, multiple burdens and a lack of time make implementation in everyday life more difficult.

On the supermarket shelf, a "healthy" purchase is made more difficult by the lack of clarity and transparency. Unfortunately, foodstuffs all too often contain undesirable ingredients, some of which are harmful to health, such as artificial preservatives, flavor enhancers and chemical binding agents. However, scientific studies clearly show that a balanced diet with a large proportion of fresh, unprocessed fruit and vegetables ensures significantly better nutrient absorption than heavily processed products.

Purora offers an innovative solution to this problem - sip by sip. Through the interaction of fresh fruit and vegetables in organic quality, valuable superfoods, clear spring water and special herbal essences, an optimal supply of the organism with essential vital substances is noticeably achieved. And that in a very simple and uncomplicated way.

As a dietician and health scientist, I examine food very closely and critically.

The products from Purora convinced me. Whether at the breakfast table, in the office or in the evening as a light dinner variant - each carefully composed Purora glass provides plenty of vitamins, minerals and secondary plant compounds. And that feels noticeably good and strengthens the immune system.

Mag. Susanne Dirisamer, dietician and health scientist, mother of 3 children

Nutrition counseling and therapy
Instagram: @susimply

Humor is the charming flavor carrier of messages, emotional vitamin bomb and the over-the-counter frustration reliever full of positive side effects.

And humor is healthy, costs nothing and connects people.

In combination with a healthy diet, humor strengthens the immune system, relieves stress, lowers blood pressure and ensures physical and mental fitness even in difficult times.

My conclusion as a doctor and humor expert: healthy nutrition & humor a perfect dream team for life!

dr Roman Szeliga, specialist in internal medicine and humor expert

In my practice as a general practitioner, I see more and more people wanting to support their health in the best possible way so that they don't get sick in the first place.

In order to achieve fitness, vitality and performance, in order to lead a fulfilled, healthy and satisfied life, there is no way around a balanced diet. Our food provides our body with the important vital substances and thus the energy it needs to live and to supply our cells in the best possible way.

We should pay attention to the quality of the food! Regional, seasonal and from organic farming are the best. For all those who sometimes find it difficult to eat enough fruit and vegetables, Purora offers an alternative with fruit and vegetables fresh from the jar.

In combination with rich superfoods, over 40 ingredients are contained in the individual glasses. Healthy nutrition with smoothies and soups, even for people who are short on time.

In the spirit of Hippocrates of Kos: "Let food be your medicine and medicine your food!"

dr Susanne Steindl, general medicine

For me, Purora combines the best of many areas. Organic plant-based foods, very special superfoods and medicinal plants - everything tastes great and is practical to use.

For me, Purora's smoothies and soups offer THE perfect addition to my daily diet. Personally, I enjoy using herbs and plants from both Western and traditional Chinese medicine.

These not only set taste accents, but also provide positive health effects. In this context, working on the development of the Purora Drops was particularly interesting for me.

I consider the combination of traditional plant science with knowledge about secondary plant active substances to be exciting. I also consider the use of plants to improve shelf life to be very interesting and useful.

For me, Purora optimally combines the areas of "nutrition, enjoyment and health". The innovative concept of Purora, which is geared towards the needs of consumers, convinces me across the board.

Mag. Bernhard Zak, nutritionist according to traditional Chinese medicine, speaker at the TCM team

I have been working as a model for many years and a healthy diet combined with aesthetic model dimensions is very important to me. Purora offers delicious soups/smoothies that deliver a light and healthy meal in an efficient and time-saving way.

My little son Gabriel will soon be two years old and I have been using the Purora ThermóTwist almost every day since weaned.

As a nutritional expert according to TCM, I like the fact that I can freshly prepare different vegetables/rice porridge and then store them in the fridge and heat them up to a perfect 42 degrees several times a day with this grandiose machine within a very short time (soups to 52 degrees).

I don't think much of pure milk powder bottles because they have a mucous and cooling effect. He gets, for example, carrots, rapeseed oil and cauliflower mixed in his bottle, which I can mix with the Thermo Twist and heat to the perfect temperature. This saves me a lot of energy and time and, thanks to optimal nutrition, I have a healthy, happy child. A baby bottle holds about as much as a purora glass.

Mag.phil. Doris Kemptner, yoga teacher, model, nutritional expert in general and according to TCM IG: doriskemptner_official
As a former Nordic combined athlete, I know what it means to perform optimally every day.

Pushing your limits in training, sometimes going beyond your limits in order to be successful in competition. This is only possible with targeted, disciplined training. And in my opinion, what is at least as important is optimal nutrition for the Body. A healthy body can only function properly if it is supplied with important nutrients.

With the products from Purora, I manage to absorb these important nutrients throughout the day. I think Heinz and his team's concept is simply ingenious, because it closes the gap to optimal nutrient supply, whether in everyday life, at work or during sporting activities. You no longer have to worry about whether you are well cared for, you simply feel it.

Bernard Gruber 2010 Olympic champion and 2015 individual world champion