The new ThermóTwist PRO

The new ThermóTwist PRO - The high-performance mixer that simply offers more

optimal portion size, mix and enjoy directly in the Purora glass, gentle heating with Raw food heating function at 42°C. Ideal for your own recipes. You can find inspiration in our recipe portal. Large selection of ready-to-mix smoothies, porridges, protein and smoothies.

More time for you

The ThermóTwist PRO mixes and tempers meals directly in the portion glass in less than 3 minutes. It prepares delicious smoothie bowls, soups, porridge and much more stress-free and gently. Dishes made from raw ingredients can be heated to 42°C at the push of a button, thus preserving vitamins and vital substances. In addition, the Purora taste can develop fully, the nutrients are better absorbed by the body and you are doing something good for your stomach.

In the Purora glass, which is perfectly matched to the ThermóTwist PRO, you can prepare your own creations or mix ready-made mixtures from the Purora kitchen. You can also enjoy your delicacies directly from it or save them for later. The glass containers can be easily and space-savingly cleaned in the dishwasher and reused countless times.

ThermóTwist PRO high-performance blender - More than just a smoothie maker

✔️ 1,000 watts

✔️ 24,000 rpm

✔️ Gentle heating

✔️ 4 preparation functions: cold, warm 42°C, hot 52°C, cream function for particularly creamy dishes

✔️ When the desired temperature is reached, the program will end automatically

✔️ Available in 5 colors

✔️ All-round mixing head included, special mixing heads available as optional accessories

✔️ TÜV-Süd tested

✔️ Patented ThermóTwist technology

✔️ Novel infrared technology

Ready-to-mix meals from the Purora kitchen, prepared in no time with the ThermóTwist PRO

With the ThermóTwist PRO and the Purora Superfood Bowls and Soups it is very easy to achieve your nutritional goals. The best organic ingredients and superfoods provide the body with what it needs every day. The Purora chefs do the thinking, shopping and preparing the ingredients for you. All you have to do is mix and enjoy.

Do you want to test the ThermóTwist PRO for 30 days free of charge?

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Three different mixing heads for a perfect result


The white all-rounder is included in the scope of delivery of the ThermóTwist PRO. He is the uncomplicated all-rounder. You can use it to effortlessly blend most foods, including seeds and nuts.


Do you like to mix foods that require a lot of power? For this, the blue tornado is the best choice. Its blades are particularly sharp and optimally shaped to withstand heavy use.


We have developed the beige creamer for extra creaminess. In connection with the cream function of the ThermóTwist PRO, it conjures up wonderfully airy dessert creams, spreads, soups and more.

FAQs about the ThermòTwist PRO

The ThermóTwist PRO has been specially developed for the cold and warm preparation of Purora glasses. The 1,000 watts and 24,000 revolutions per minute ensure the best possible mixing result. You save yourself the cleaning of another mixing bowl and can enjoy directly from the glass.

Yes. Mixing, grinding, chopping, crushing, heating (to 42°C raw food setting or 52°C) are some of the methods of preparation that make everyday life easier.

The advantage: the size of the Purora glass is optimally adjusted as a portion. Besides, it can be used directly as a storage jar.

You can find a collection of recipes for the preparation with the ThermóTwist on our recipe page.

The guarantee for the ThermóTwist is 2 years from the date of purchase.

More information about the guarantee and warranty can be found under the terms and conditions .

The rotation of the blades on the mixing head creates friction and heat.

Now for the ThermóTwist PRO

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ThermóTwist PRO | 5 colors