Benefits of employee health for companies

by Purora GmbH & Co KG

From company yoga and fitness checks to promoting bicycles – employer measures to promote employee health are already firmly established in many companies. And not without reason when you know how many advantages a healthy, fit and happy team brings with it. You can now find out what advantages these are and specific tips on which options are well received.

Employee health: a recipe for success at all levels

A company is more than the sum of its workforce. A colorful combination of factors comes into play when it comes to how successful, innovative or sustainable a brand is perceived from the outside. And of course also by how satisfied the team feels internally and how well it performs as a result.

One of the main factors is the physical and mental health of the employees - that's why you shouldn't be stingy when it comes to workplace health promotion. Because the advantages of healthy employees for their managers are almost endless:

Starting with fewer sick days, less risk of burnout and generally higher motivation, a focus on health in the company is also reflected in a stronger sense of community and more harmonious cooperation within the team - for example, when they do sports together or have a tasty and nutritious meal together every day lunch sets.

Last but not least, companies also make themselves attractive to new applicants if the well-being of the employees is demonstrably the priority. One reason after the other why it makes sense for companies to invest in employee health, not only from a human point of view but also from an economic point of view.

Unhealthy obstacles in the workplace

Stress and mental strain at work have been increasing for years, and physical complaints such as back pain and the like have almost become an occupational disease in some industries. Exactly where the pitfalls for employee health lie varies from company to company and can also differ significantly depending on the position. However, the three most common threats to health in the workplace are:

  1. Unhealthy, too little or stressed lunch: If the body does not get enough nutrients, it runs on the back burner and, among other things, mood, motivation and creativity are affected.
  2. A poorly equipped/furnished workplace: This is particularly true in office jobs, but also in other industries. If you remain in one position for a long time, the setting should be as ergonomic as possible and regular breaks in movement should be planned.
  3. Too much stress, poor time management, lack of communication: those who constantly suffer from stress or swallow frustration not only risk burnout or other serious illnesses, but will also soon be looking for another job.

5 ideas for workplace health promotion

Despite all the pitfalls, keeping your employees happy and healthy doesn't have to be difficult. And if you've read this far, you already know how well the investment of time and resources will pay off. Here are 5 suggestions on how to promote employee health in the company:

  1. Healthy, nutritious lunch:
    Soups or smoothie bowls, for example, are a quick but delicious lunch, which can be prepared in just a few minutes, refined with colorful toppings and provide the energy you need for the afternoon thanks to their high nutrient content. Freely available snacks such as fruit, dried fruit or nuts are always well received and provide motivation in between.
  1. Do sports together:
    A football match between colleagues, a running group or a round of yoga in the office - motivate your team to exercise and also provide the necessary resources for it.
  1. Promote cyclists:
    Speaking of sport – those who pedal on their way to work and leave the car behind should be rewarded. For example with a sleek company bike or a kilometer bonus.
  1. Ergonomic workplace check:
    A short appointment with a long-term effect. Many office workers don't know how to position their desk chair correctly, what angle their arms should be at, or that the monitor is usually too low. Ergonomic work is also very important in the home office.
  1. Mental Health Workshops:
    How do I deal with stress, how does effective time management work, how can I communicate when I'm overworked? Early detection and prevention are essential here, because psychological problems often come slowly and only become noticeable when you are already in the thick of it.

Conclusion: Only healthy employees form a healthy company

In today's job market, it is more important than ever to promote employee health. Because the prevention or early detection of physical and mental illnesses is in the interest of everyone involved.

You should make sure that the measures are adapted to the respective target group. For example, people in gastronomy or sales who are on the move all day have different needs than employees who spend most of their time at their desks . Sports offers, mental health care and the offer of a delicious, healthy lunch pay off across all industries.

Ready to take steps towards employee health at your company? Here you come to our offers for varied and delicious organic meals in the office, which provide all the important nutrients so that your team stays fit in the long term.

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