Strengthen your immune system and your defenses with our 11 +1 tips. Natural, sustainable and in the flow of nature

by Purora GmbH & Co KG

1. Pay attention to a conscious diet


"You are what you eat." A balanced and healthy diet is the basis for a strong immune system. With a fresh, organic diet rich in nutrients, vitamins and minerals, you strengthen your immune system. Vitamins A, C, D and E are considered the most important helpers: You can find vitamin A in carrots, pumpkins, peppers, beetroot and spinach, for example. Vitamin C is found in citrus fruits and vegetables such as broccoli or Brussels sprouts. You get your vitamin D balance going thanks to sunlight - more on this in tip 7. You can find vitamin E in nuts, for example. Important to know: Vitamins C and B1 in particular are sensitive to heat. Our soups are only gently heated so that the concentrated power of defense arrives in your organism.


2. Keep your gut healthy

A healthy intestinal flora needs natural fiber and sufficient liquid.

"Health is in the intestines." An old adage that is repeatedly proven by new studies. Dietary fibers help our digestive tract to regulate digestion and support the production of messenger substances that serve as a mood enhancer. Linseed, wheat bran or psyllium husks are particularly high in fiber. That's why you'll find plenty of superfoods rich in vital substances in our smoothies. Make sure you drink enough.


3. Cut out empty calories

Many nutrients are lost when food is processed. So avoid denatured, industrial foods, too much sugar, salt and preservatives. We do not use chemical helpers in our purora products, our herbal water allows a natural shelf life of up to 10 days.



4. Get some fresh air every day

Supply yourself with plenty of oxygen during your daily walk in the fresh air. This gets your circulation going, stimulates blood flow and helps your immune cells to work better. With your daily oxygen shower you are also doing something good for your soul.


5. Ensure sufficient and restful sleep

Your brain and body regenerate while you sleep, and the diverse impressions of the day are processed. The effect of restful sleep on the immune system is enormous: new immune cells are formed and pathogens are destroyed.


6. Reduce or avoid smoking, alcohol and stimulants such as coffee and energy drinks.

Alcohol and tobacco slow down your immune system. Tobacco dries out the mucous membranes and promotes inflammation. Alcohol also puts a strain on the immune system. This slows down the body's natural cleansing function.



7. Let the sun in


Catch the sunlight with your body for at least 15 minutes a day and naturally support your vitamin D balance. When the sun's rays hit your skin, your body produces vitamin D.


8. Treat yourself to relaxation

Schedule time for rest and relaxation during the day. It sounds simple, but it's true: a good mood helps you stay fit.


9. Maintain friendships, social relationships and enjoy a fulfilling love life

Your happiness directly affects your defenses. If you feel good overall, it also helps your immune system.



10. Reduce stress

Mental stress and negative stress weaken your natural immune system. Physical and mental exhaustion inhibit your entire organism and make you more susceptible to viruses, bacteria and numerous other pathogens.


11. Get moving

Moderate endurance exercise such as walking, running or cycling are true immune boosters. Move several times a week - a regular 20-minute workout strengthens your body and your immune system in a sustainable way. Very important: Choose a sport that you enjoy. If you don't feel fit, do without sport and give your body the rest it needs.


And the most important thing:
11+1 Be patient with yourself, get to know yourself and your body better, be happy and laugh.

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