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Detoxification and cleansing of the body has a long tradition in naturopathy. Also known as detox for a few years, the principles are still the same. The term detox is scientifically controversial and must therefore not be used for advertising purposes. Activating the body's self-cleansing processes is the focus of all fasting, intestinal or alkaline cures. Although for many people the focus is on losing weight and detoxifying, a cure can do much more. Mentally, the focus should not be on renunciation, but on the self-perception of the body.

Detoxing gets your metabolism going

The basis of all vital processes in the body is metabolism. The biochemical processes in the cells - the metabolism - happen completely automatically: Nutrients are broken down, temporarily stored and built up into new products. However, some of the negative influences of the environment and nutrition can remain as stressful end products even with a functioning metabolism. One goal of fasting is therefore to activate the body's self-cleansing process in order to eliminate unwanted substances.

What exactly happens when you fast?

Around five percent of the damaged body cells are broken down during a fasting cure, making room for new cell material. The harmful substances that have accumulated in the fat and connective tissue are dissolved and excreted via the liver, lungs, skin, kidneys and intestines.


What is important in your fasting cure!

The basis for a healthy organism is nutrition. This is radically changed for a certain period of time in the course of a fasting cure – also known as a detox cure. This stimulates the digestive system and gives the body more vitality and well-being.

Which cure is right for you?

Which detox cure is chosen is a matter of taste. In addition to the classic raw food, teas, soups, smoothies or juices are particularly suitable for detoxification. The combination of soups and smoothies offer a good way to make Lent tasteful. If these are additionally enriched with nutrients - for example with energetically warming and cooling plants such as nettle, dandelion, turmeric & Co, they provide an extra portion of power.

What is the right duration and the right course of a fasting cure?

Most classic juice regimens are designed to last 3 to 7 days. While well-known cures are based on food combining throughout the day, juice, smoothie and soup cures rely on vitamin-rich recipes in liquid form. With Purora, nutrient-rich smoothies and soups are on the menu 2 to 3 times a day, which can be supplemented with delicious light recipes made from steamed vegetables and cooked whole grains, depending on the initial situation. The herbal drops in particular, which were put together according to the five elements of TCM, support digestion and well-being during this time.

Which foods and which habits should you reduce?

The strictness of compliance with the recommendations must be assessed by everyone for themselves.

The following nutritional recommendations serve as guidelines for your successful fasting cure:


  • Simple carbohydrates in the form of sugar, candy, white flour products, etc.
  • Soft drinks, energy drinks, alcohol
  • Fatty meat and sausage
  • Trans fats and saturated fats in e.g. ready meals and snacks
  • Very fatty and sweetened dairy products
  • salt and strong spice mixtures
  • Ready products and junk food such as pizza, sandwiches, ready meals
  • Types of preparation that require a lot of fat, such as frying, roasting
  • Coffee
  • Smoke


What else should you watch out for when fasting?

General tips for well-being

  • Make sure you drink enough fluids: 2 to 3 liters in the form of warm water and/or herbal teas
  • Meal breaks have a positive effect: Try to keep 4 to 5 hours between meals
  • Pay attention to your physical well-being: try to exercise a lot in the fresh air
  • Pay attention to your mental well-being: Try to reduce stress
  • Make sure you have enough rest and sleep: try to go to bed early
  • Experience and feel your body: Try to pay attention to your body after the treatment

Benefits of Purora smoothies and soups

Fresh organic vegetables and fruit are particularly rich in essential vitamins, minerals, trace elements, dietary fiber and phytochemicals such as flavonoids.

The alkaline effect of fresh, raw vegetables and fruits can help the body improve the acid-alkaline balance. A balanced acid-base balance can increase well-being and promote health.

The enzymes found in unprocessed food can aid in absorption and the digestive process. However, part of it is destroyed by heating and is no longer available to the body.

At Purora we only use vegetables, fruit, nuts and herbs from controlled organic cultivation for our smoothies and soups. The nutritional value of fresh and raw food is particularly high compared to processed, industrial food and thus provides the basis for a healthy and balanced diet.

What else does a detox cure need besides nutrition?

Mindfulness, light exercise and enough sleep are the three components that make a detox cure complete. Everyone has their own personal energy and activity level. Therefore, there is no one-size-fits-all recipe for health and well-being. It is all the more important to know your own body well and to listen to its signals.

Tip: Observe your body before and during the detoxification and be aware that you will feel the changes in your organism in the form of a feeling of hunger, tiredness or an increase in energy and inner clarity.

In order to stay in the flow with yourself and your own body, you need movement. In yoga, for example, the cells are activated from within in a gentle yet invigorating way. This leads to a plus in vitality and an increase in well-being. A good night's sleep will then come naturally.


We wish you a lot of joy for your fasting cure.

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