More than a smoothie blender

by Purora GmbH & Co KG

That's why we love our ThermóTwist PRO

Full mixing power, integrated heat function, intuitive operation and elegant design!

The Purora ThermóTwist PRO offers more than an ordinary smoothie mixer.

The subtleties were perfectly matched to the Purora glass and the various customer needs during the three-year development work.




Operating the Purora Smoothie Mixer is simple, intuitive and practical!

This is how the preparation of the Purora smoothies and soups works:

  • Select Smoothie or Soup
  • unscrew the cover
  • Choose the mixing head and screw it onto the Purora glass
  • Insert the Purora glass into the ThermóTwist PRO (arrow on arrow) and turn to the left
  • Switch on ThermóTwist (ON / OFF)
  • Select function (smoothie cold or raw food setting 42°C, soup raw food setting 42°C or hot 52°C)
  • The healthy pleasure is prepared in 1-3 minutes
  • Remove the Purora glass from the ThermóTwist PRO
  • Carefully screw the blender head off the glass with downward pressure (tip: put your thumb in the notch by the arrow, use a tea towel for more grip)
  • Clean the mixing head under warm running water
  • Enjoy the revitalizing meal straight from the glass, with a bamboo drinking straw or with the Purora walnut wood spoon.


The agony of choice!
The ThermóTwist PRO offers four programs to choose from. Cold or warm (42°C raw food quality) smoothies can be prepared with the gray mixing head and warm (42°C raw food quality) or hot (52°C) soups can be prepared with the white mixing head. The infrared temperature sensor integrated in the ThermóTwist Smoothie Mixer automatically ends the mixing process when the temperature is reached. With the electronic temperature display, the current temperature can be read at any time.


Our smoothie maker - the perfect kitchen helper for at home!
The Smoothie Mixer is not only the ideal preparation solution for Purora products. The ThermóTwist PRO with its various functions can also be used to support everyday cooking.
  • Blending: smoothies, soups, salad dressings, fruit puree, tomatoes and other vegetables
  • Crushing: nuts, chocolate, grains
  • Heating: (vegetable) milk, porridge, sauces
Easy and time-saving cleaning!
The low and easy cleaning effort makes the ThermóTwist PRO an optimal kitchen appliance, whether at home or in the office kitchen. The Purora natural brushes are specially adapted for cleaning the mixing heads and glasses.


Quiet mixing power!
The Smoothie Maker ThermóTwist PRO needs a lot of power to mix delicious meals. So that this can also be done a little quieter, there is the elegant TwistBox for quieter preparation with full mixing power.


Our darling!
More than a smoothie mixer: The Purora ThermóTwist PRO combines innovative technology, full mixing power and elegant design.


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