Do you know the power of the 5 elements?

by Purora GmbH & Co KG

Let food be your medicine and medicine be your food.


The focus of the traditional European and Eastern healing arts was and is very often a healthy diet, digestion and metabolism. The traditional medical systems are based on centuries of experience and are fundamentally very closely linked to nature and the cosmos.

Every time of day, season and lifetime has its very special energy and quality. All people are tied into the natural rhythm of time and the laws of nature. Traditional Chinese medicine - TCM for short - has developed a concept for understanding nature and human beings for more than 2000 years.

This model, based on empirical knowledge, represents 5 different energies of nature and the cosmos. Water, fire, metal, wood and earth - the 5 elements or also called 5 phases of change permeate everything and also have an effect on us humans. Summer or winter, warmth or cold, light or darkness, expansion or contraction and activity or rest - characterize the energies of the various elements, among other things. But the variety of emotions and human behavior can also be found in the system of the 5 elements. Each of us carries his own special composition of the 5 energies of the cosmos - this makes us unique individuals.

The knowledge of constant change, the mutual relationships among each other and the harmonious balance of the 5 elements is a foundation of TCM. This thought model provides a holistic understanding of health and well-being for us humans. Centuries of empirical knowledge about the effect of food, plants, the forces of nature and emotions on people are combined in the thought model of the 5 elements. This resulted in comprehensive and holistic knowledge about maintaining health and healing. Along with herbal medicine, acupuncture, Qi Gong and Tuina, healthy nutrition is at the center of the teaching of the 5 elements.


The microbiome - a very current term in modern nutritional science and medicine, is assigned to the element earth in TCM. The earth - the fertile soil - is necessary to achieve a productive harvest. In us humans, the element earth, ie our "middle" forms the basis for the intake and transformation of food and drink. Our digestive system turns food into everything the human body needs for growth and daily life. That is why a functioning “centre” – ie optimal resorption – is one of the prerequisites for sufficient energy, well-being and a healthy and long life.

In this sense, the life force - called "Qi" in TCM - has its roots in a well-nourished and cared for "earth element". A harmonious dynamic of all 5 elements can be achieved - in the sense of TCM - by a composition of food and drinks that is individually adapted to the person. The optimal supply of people with "Qi" and a balance of "Yin and Yang" is the basis for long-term well-being, vitality and health.

We have incorporated this traditional and proven wisdom in combination with modern scientific knowledge about food, nutrition and plant active ingredients into the creation of our products.

Purora—the flow of nature

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