Healthy lunch with pleasure - a contradiction?

by Purora GmbH & Co KG

"Let food be your medicine" - healthy meals form the basis for an optimally functioning metabolism and physical vitality. They guarantee the optimal daily supply of energy and improve physical and mental well-being. A healthy lunch as part of a balanced diet is essential to prevent and treat diseases such as obesity, high blood pressure and cardiovascular diseases.

The daily investment in a healthy lunch pays off and is without any risk - gives increased well-being, vitality and inner balance. Natural and fresh food provides the basis for a long, healthy life full of strength and vitality.

Industrial convenience food, sweet snacks and classic junk food are typical examples of low-nutrient meals. These foods often contain numerous artificial additives, such as flavor enhancers, preservatives and stabilizers. They usually contain a high proportion of sugar, artificial sweeteners, salt, flour, saturated fatty acids and trans fats. The usual industrial preservation processes, such as sterilization or pasteurization, lead to the loss of many valuable vital substances.

Tips for a healthy lunch

There are many different views and opinions about this. However, there are some important general principles for a healthy lunch:

Basically, natural, fresh and unprocessed ingredients such as fruit, vegetables and whole grains are to be preferred.

A balanced composition of the diet provides high-quality primary nutrients such as:

  • complex carbohydrates – e.g. whole grains and fruit
  • valuable proteins – eg nuts and seeds
  • Fats with a high proportion of unsaturated fatty acids - e.g. nuts, oils

and has a sufficiently high proportion of fiber.


Natural and organic foods are particularly rich in vital substances such as vitamins, minerals and trace elements. The topic of secondary plant active substances is particularly interesting. This refers to various ingredients found in plants. Like antioxidants, for example, these can have particularly health-promoting effects on the body.

The wonderful variety of flavors hidden in natural foods needs to be rediscovered and enjoyed. Herbs and spices, a colorful variety of recipes, gentle forms of preparation and a relaxed atmosphere while eating guarantee excellent enjoyment.

Purora's vision is to make natural and healthy meals of the highest quality and with the best taste easily and simply available. This makes it easy and time-saving to enjoy the treasures of nature! Fast good instead of fast food!


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