Berries - the little vital substance bombs

by Purora GmbH & Co KG

Clinical studies have shown positive health effects related to blood sugar levels, bowel function, heart and artery health, skin aging and cancer prevention.

Blueberries, blackberries, chokeberries, raspberries, strawberries, elderberries, goji berries and mulberries. Who doesn't know and love them, the sweet little seducers?

In the language of botany, however, berries are understood to mean a fruit that has emerged from an ovary and has a juicy or fleshy skin when ripe. This is why bananas and lemons belong to the berry family alongside blueberries, but not strawberries, raspberries and mulberries, for example.

Traditionally, however, when we think of berries, we think of the small, colorful and sweet fruits, the so-called berries. In addition to the excellent taste, berries are particularly rich in vitamins, minerals, fiber and secondary plant substances.

Its high content of anthocyanins, flavonoids, ellagic acid and resveratrol and the associated anti-oxidative properties help fight free radicals. Among other things, the colorful berries have an anti-inflammatory and cell-protecting effect and thus optimally support the organism in cell regeneration.


The delicious local blueberries, raspberries, strawberries and blackberries are particularly popular with us. Their positive health effects make them real vital substance bombs. But the less well-known mulberries, aronia berries and goji berries also combine a wonderful taste with a particularly wealth of vital substances.

In numerous cultures, berries are an integral part of traditional herbal medicine.

In traditional Chinese medicine, goji, schisandra and mulberries are particularly sought-after medicinal plants due to their nourishing and strengthening properties.

The hardy and vital substance-rich aronia berry has been popular with the natives of Canada for centuries as a medicinal plant and vitamin-rich winter food under the name "níki' mínún".

The native hawthorn berry, a shrub fruit, is used in traditional western herbal medicine as well as in modern pharmacology to support and strengthen heart function.

The health effects of the small colorful fruits are invaluable for us humans, regardless of whether they actually belong to the botanical berries or not.

In each of our smoothies, soups and creamys we add purora herbal water, which contains the valuable active ingredients of hawthorn and goji berries, among other things.

The Female (Love Drops) Elixir in particular provides the vital substance-rich essence of four special berries: Aronia berry, mulberry, schisandra berry and goji berry.

Give yourself and your body a small amount of colorful, tasty berries every day and taste the diversity of nature.


Discover the full power of berries


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